Welcome to the Tropical Large-Scale Ecology Lab (TLSELab) at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras. Tropical landscapes are complex, and we are interested in understanding the origin of this complexity, as well as its consequences for the diversity and functioning of ecosystems. We explicitly recognize the role of space in the organization of ecosytems whether at local or regional scales, and the possibility for interactions among them largely facilitaded by the increasing influence of humans on landscpes

Our main goals are to:

Contribute to the theoretical foundations of the field of Landscape Ecology and Macroecology.

Contribute tools and techniques for the study of landscapes, ecosytem processes, and plant and animal assemblages at large scales.

Apply this knowledge to the conservation, management, and restoration of tropical landscapes.




Sutton, L. and C. Restrepo. Natural disasters, diverse economy and livelihoods in the Sierra de Las Minas, Guatemala

Ramos-Scharron et al. The role of shallow landslides in the downslope transfer of organic matter and its implications on the residence time of carbon in a tropical mountain systems.


Zuania Colon. Skeletal abnormalities in two Puerto Rican Eleutherodactylus species increase with forest fragmentations: Linking temperature effects on development with field observations. ASG/ARMI Grant

Radio Interview

What is Landscape Ecology - Que es la Ecologia del Paisaje in MiUipi Investiga





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